Wenzhan Song
Center Director / Georgia Power Mickey A. Brown Professor in Engineering

Networking, Informatics and Security

Jin Ye
Associate Center Director and Associate Professor/ College of Engineering
Power electronics, Electric machines, Renewable energy systems, Electrified transportation
Tianming Liu
Distinguished Research Professor of Computer Science
Ping Ma
Professor of Statistics
Jonathan Murrow
MD / AU/UGA Medical Partnership
Cham Dallas
Disaster medicine, Nuclear war medical response, Emergency management, Disaster resource utilization, Mass casualty distribution prediction
Richard (Rick) Watson
Regents Professor; J. Rex Fuqua Distinguished Chair for Internet Strategy / Department of Management Information Systems
Energy Informatics
Mable Fok
Associate Professor / College of Engineering
Lightwave Neuromorphic Signal Processing, Microwave Photonics, Fiber Optics Sensing, Photonic Signal Processing
Lawrence Hornak
Professor and Associate Dean for Research / College of Engineering
Photonic devices - photonic crystals, wide band gap optoelectronic devices; Integrated optics - novel inorganic and organic guided wave devices; Sensor systems - biophotonic integrated sensors, multi-spectral and biomolecular biometric identification
Mark Haidekker
Professor / College of Engineering
Bio-sensing and bio-imaging; Instrumentation
Fred Beyette
Professor and School Chair / College of Engineering
Developing point-of-care devices for medical and health monitoring applications - including devices that guide the diagnosis and treatment of acute neurologic emergencies such and stroke and traumatic brain injury.
Kyle Johnsen
Associate Professor, Director of Georgia Informatics Institutes / College of Engineering
Simulation-based Training, Natural Interfaces, Human-Computer Interaction, Serious Games, Virtual Humans, Virtual Reality, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision
Sung-Hee (Sonny) Kim
Associate Professor / College of Engineering
Sustainable Infrastructure and Materials, Transportation Geotechnics/ Geomechanics/ Geomaterials, Construction Materials, Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design
Thomas Lawrence
Senior Public Service Associate / College of Engineering
Changying Li
Professor / College of Engineering
Sensing and automation for food, agricultural and biological systems
Ke Li
Associate Professor / College of Engineering
Environmental engineering, Water/wastewater treatment and sustainability
Leidong Mao
Associate Professor / College of Engineering
Micro-electro-mechanical systems, Microfluidics, Nanotechnology
Ramana Pidaparti
Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Programs / College of Engineering
Design engineering and innovation; Computational mechanics; Drug delivery devices; STEM education
Zhong-Ru (Paul) Xie
Assistant Professor / College of Engineering
Structural bioinformatics, Structure-based drug design
Marie-Claude (Maric) Boudreau
Department Head & Associate Professor / Department of Management Information Systems
Energy Informatics, Organizational Change, Business Process Management, Data Management
Lakshmish Ramaswamy
Professor / Department of Computer Science
Data intensive computing, Distributed Systems, Trustworthy informatics
Wenxuan Zhong
Associate Professor / Department of Statistics
Dimension Reduction, Metagenomics, Brain Imaging Analysis
Rusty Brooks
Associate Director, Carl Vinson Institute of Government
Government Sustainability/Emerging Democracies, Government Transparency/Emerging Democracies
Andrew Whitford
Alexander M. Crenshaw Professor of Public Policy / School of Public and International Affairs
Political Economy and Policy Processes; Organization Theory and Public Management; Data Analytics
Ramviyas Nattanmai
Assistant Professor / Department of Computer Science,
Networked robotics control, communication, and coordination aspects. Machine Learning
Thirimachos Bourlai
Associate Professor

The primary focus of Bourlai’s research is on designing and developing technology for supporting, confirming and determining human identity in challenging conditions using primarily face images.

Haijian Sun
Assistant Professor

Wireless Communicatio for 5G and Beyond, Efficient Edge Computing, Wireless Security, Wireless for Distributed Learning, Cyber Physical Systems

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Yulu Guo
Assistant Professor
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Hongyue Sun
Associate Professor

Data science for advanced manufacturing and occupational safety, quality control and improvements

Qin Lu
Assistant Professor

Research interests: Statistical Signal Processing, Machine Learning, and Communications


Affiliate faculty

Zion Tse

Areas of Expertise: Medical Robotics, Computer-aided Surgery, Medical Devices and Instrumentation