The mission of the UGA Center for Cyber-Physical Systems (CCPS) is to develop partnerships among university, industry and government on research and education in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) analytics and security, and fosters bold innovation and entrepreneurship in CPS. The CCPS center is an interdisciplinary research center in UGA committed to advancing research and education in CPS and to transitioning CPS science and technology into engineering practice and real-world applications with lasting impact.

CCPS develops the frontier technologies, ideas and talents to generate and evaluate emerging CPS systems that can improve the industrial system’s operational efficiency, security, and resilience. The CCPS researchers can provide informed decisions on cyber-physical informatics and security, along with testing and evaluation, for industry partners. It is CCPS’s fundamental belief that the collaboration of government (inspire and invest) + university (idea and innovation) + industry (entrepreneurship and impact) will enable the positive technology innovation and workforce development cycle. We are especially interested to help high-tech start-ups to create disruptive innovations and foster bold entrepreneurship.


Our mission is structured around undergraduate research,  M.S. theses and Ph.D. dissertations, many of which will result in publications and software. We believe that technology is best understood when it is applied to the real-world applications, and openly share our results with our partners as it is listed below:

  • Source code, executable programs, scripts, and graphical user interfaces (GUI) for all newly and previously developed algorithms with documentation. Sponsors may use these codes in any way they wish except software resale (which requires a separate agreement), including providing services to others and using our algorithms as prototypes for their own internal implementation.
  • Copies of all CCPS thesis proposals, posters, preprints, expanded abstracts, and technical papers.
  • Generation of system attributes or data analysis on proprietary data at time and materials cost.
  • Assistance in installing and utilizing delivered software at time and materials cost.


The Center is committed to work with the industry (including start-ups) for bold innovations and entrepreneurship in CPS. The Center will offer research, training, and potential grant subcontract to industry partners, and identify faculty and student talents for company needs, in exchange for companies’ professional engineering development and commercialization assistance, as well as the sponsorship for sustainable growth. The Center may work with the industry in several formats:

  • Joint Research Lab/Center. The Center may co-found joint research lab/center with large industry partners for long-term partnership. This type of sponsorship starts with $500K for 3 years for joint lab or $1M for 5 years for joint center, and the Center may provide matching supports.
  • Sponsored Research Project. The Center may collaborate with industry partners on sponsored research projects (such as STTR/SBIR, IUCRC) with customized deliveries.  This type of sponsorship starts with $100K for 2 years.
  • Consortium Membership. The Center also has a consortium framework to work with the industry. In this framework, each industry partner joins the consortium and support graduate and undergraduate students through course projects, capstone projects and co-ops and internships.